Initiative of Egypt-Indonesia Cultural Relations 18/01/2021

     In the framework of the initiative of "Cultural Relations" launched by Prof. Inas Abdel-Dayem, Egyptian Minister of Culture, to emphasize the role of culture in communication between peoples and shedding light on Egypt's unique and distinguished balance in this field, the Supreme Council for Culture headed by Prof. Hesham Azmi in cooperation with the Sector of Foreign Cultural Relations chaired by Dr. Suad Shawqi, hosts the sixth evening of "Cultural Relations" in which the Republic of Indonesia is celebrated.

The evening will include:

Showing a short documentary film on the state of Indonesia and its most prominent cultural features.

Delivering a speech of Prof. Inas Abdel Dayem, the Egyptian Minister of Culture and launching of the "Cultural Relations" initiative.

The speech of Mr. Mohamed Aji Syria, Representative of the State of Indonesia and Acting Ambassador of Indonesia to Cairo.

The address of representative of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In addition to this, a group of celebrities of Egyptian culture and specialists in the Egyptian-Indonesian cultural cooperation headed by Dr. Sherif El-Gayyar, professor of literary criticism at Beni Suef University, participated. Previously, Dr. Sherif El-Gayyar was chosen by an international Indonesian magazine to be one of its editorial staff and honored by the Presidency of 11 March  University in Solo, one of the most important ten universities in Indonesia.

This was on November 25, 2020.