About 16/12/2015

Proceeding from the Ministry of Culture's policy to manage Egypt's foreign cultural relations in a manner characterized by organic integration with external orientations which means that the cultural exchange strategies and become an extension in support of Egypt's foreign relations.

In the context of enriching the modern Egyptian culture by documenting our prayer global culture Foreign Cultural Relations Sector represents the official master device coordinator and organizer of the relations of Egypt cultural with the outside world so that seek to intensify cultural and Egypt's presence in the world as far as trying to planning and development of external cultural presence in Egypt

Objectives of the Foreign Cultural Relations Sector:

  • Expand and diversify the nature and forms of external sources of cultural flows and the escalation of interest in the quantity and quality of cultural exchanges with geographical regions and areas of cultural variety.
  • Activation of cultural exchange programs that are signed with different countries.
  • Egypt show the face of the civilized international world through cultural versions in different languages.
  • Expression of the cultural identity of Egypt, which derives its specificity from a multi-joists and development of cultural identity that fed through the installation of contemporary cultural Balruad and develop ways to contribute.